Sunday, June 10, 2012

Dinner for two!

Rick's Sunday Ribeye Steak Dinner.

It was a beautiful day today .
My husband & I  relaxed all day by the pool soaking up the sun
 & enjoying each others company .

Ingredients :

2 hearts full of love
2 heaping cups of kindness
2 armful of gentleness
2 cups of friendship
2 cups of joy
2 big hearts full of forgiveness
1 lifetime of togetherness
2 minds full  of tenderness

Stir daily  with happiness,
Humor and patience.
Serve with warm  and compassion,
Respect  and Loyalty.

We decided we wanted to cook out on the grill for dinner. 

Although we  might eat red meat maybe once every 3 months. 
We were due for a Good Steak.

                                                                 Nicely seasoned.

Rick picked some good Ribeye Steak to grill.
(His mouth is watering)

Grilled Ribeye Steaks
Topped with Sauteed  peppers & onions
Corn on the cobb
Roasted Beets with Basil Goat & cream cheese spread

                                          Put the beets on first -Take longer to cook.
                                      Drizzled with Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Rosemary.                         
                                                 Wrap with foil and put on the grill.
                                                              Fire is really hot!
While the  charcoal flame & temperature has to  lower
we put the corn on the stove
Started the peppers & onions.
Chopping them up in thin slices & dices.

Nice night for grilling !
Rick is now ready to grill!

                                                                Steaks look so good !

                 While I'm making the basil goat & cream cheese spread for the beets.
                                                   I mixed soften goat & cream cheese
                                                            about 2 tbsp of each                                                           
                                                                      & spread together.                                                      

                                                         Add basil (fresh or dry)
                                                      Mix until all is well combined .
                                                              Done...That was easy.
                                                               Checking on the peppers.

They are done.
                                                                Beets are done.
                                                                 So yummy & earthy!
                                              The basil goat & cream cheese spread
                                                is a yummy compliment  to the beets.

Steaks & Corn are done.

Time to plate!

Great Sunday Meal!
These 2 Love Birds are Happy !

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