Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Sunday Brunch!

                                  My friends invited me to Sunday Brunch at Pappa Ranch.
                                                      (I almost didn't make it )
I awakened  from a Night of fun& drinks with friends 
 not so bad of a hangover, however I  went to bed 
without washing my face
(make up still on -looks pretty good tho!)
 so I must of had 1 too many.
                                                  Scary Night it was a full moon...

 I started at  NewYork New York -a nite club with my friend, Larry then headed off to Daquiri Deck with my friend, Ellie to watch a band !


                                                                    Fun  Evening !
                                          Larry is a funny guy -I needed a good Laugh !

                                           It was my first time  at the Ranch for Brunch.
                                          Boy was it tasty especially the Mimosas !

                                             I didn't care so much for the Bloody Mary
                                              I'm picky on how this cocktail is made.

                                   So many Breakfast choices and Cowboy style dishes. 
                                             I passed on the pulled pork and beans!
                 I had a Veggie Omelet, Eggs Benedict and Biscuit & Sausage Gravy !

                                                The dessert table looked so good !
                                                      My husband's favorite cookies
                                                            were the centerpiece.
Cheers !
Cookies to take home for my husband.

                                     After Brunch the plans were to head to the Beach!         

                                         We picked our spot on Clearwater Beach .
                                                         The boys played Ball!

                                             While the rest of the gang  soaked in some sun!

                                                                    3 Fashionistas!
                                                            Suzanne , Jackie & I 

                                                      Jackie's New swim Trunks !

                                                        Styling our sandy toes !

                                                      After soaking in the sun 
                               & cooling off in the water we all got pretty thirsty...
                                            We headed to Frenchy's on the beach.
                                                        The Beach bums Gang !

                                   A lot of drinks & shots  and funny photos to share !
                                            Rum runner & Vodka pineapple to start.
                                           Jackie & I doing some Passion fruit rum shot.
                                                              French Fry tug o war.
                                                      More passion fruit rum shots.
                                                                     Suzanne & I
                                                                    Suzanne  & Rob
                                                                 Volley ball anyone?
                                                                  Suzanne is in.....
                                                     Danielle,Erika, Suzanne & I
                                                         Then we added Jackie!
                                                                   Straw Moments !
                                                                        Stir &
                                                           Passion Fruit Rum Mojito!
My drink matches my nail polish!
(both Minty!)
                                                    Another rum runner for Jackie!
                                                        These were so yummy !
                                                         Cheddar stuffed shrimp!
                                                         Time for Tequila shots!
                                                             (I passed on these)


 I was having so much fun with my friends until after drinks I headed back in the water and was unfortunate to get stung by a jelly fish ! Yes it was painful!

                  My friends took good care of me and I'm grateful to the firemen 
                                who had a bottle of White vinegar handy ....

              Other than my jelly fish encounter I had a great Sunday!                              

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