Monday, June 4, 2012

Lets Go to the Beach!

                                        The weather was really nice this weekend
                                          so my plans were to head to the beach
                                             and catch up on some sun & relax!

                            Saturday my husband and I went to Indian Rocks Beach
                                                             & did some R& R!
                                                       (Rest and Recuperation)

                                           I packed up my car and off I went .... 

                                     Just about every time on my way to the beach
                                             I get stopped by the Draw bridge.
                                                    (Obviously a nice day for Boating)

 I arrived at Indian Rock's Beach.

(Husband joining me later so I get a little ME-Time!)
                       It looked like it was going to rain but the dark clouds disappeared.

                                                                  My Beach Essentials!

How to Pack Essential Beach Gear

                                                                  All in check! 

                                                              I picked my spot!
                                                                      My snacks!
                                                          (Tried to be a little healthy)
                                                            Fruit, pretzels, chicken,
                                    water, green tea, string cheese & coconut water!
                                     (No alcohol -Yet I'm going out later with friends)

                                                             Reading Material!
                                   I have yet to finish the book Eat, Pray , Love.
                                                 I have yet to see the movie either!
                                                    I'm relaxed now ...ahhh Sun!

                                                      (Yes I brought Sunscreen) 

Nice view of the calm Gulf ...
                                                  & a sailboat drifting by......                                                       

I enjoyed reading Health Magazine
 while having some lunch!
                                         I like this outfit I may need to copycat this !
                                                    Of course I'm  reading about Diets.
                                                     Trying to stay Hydrated,
                                       Coconut water is a great drink for hydration!
                                                                    & Yummy too!
                                        I normally mix 1/2 water & 1/2 coconut water .

                              Decided to take a nap before my husband arrives.


                        My husband, Rick finally arrived  & I woke up  thirsty ....
                                  Tazo makes a variety of Organic green teas! 
                                       Good Antioxidant and good for weight loss! 

We sat in our beach chairs 
 by the shore with our feet in the sand & water.
                                                                       & Water ...
                                                                Time to cool off!
                                                My husband & I catching some waves .....

                                                           The water was nice
                                                                 and refreshing 
                                                                   & Relaxing!

Rick & I
                                                         My husband out at sea !

                                                       The little dot in the middle is Rick.
                                                             I had a great Beach Day!

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