Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My sister, Renee's Vacation trip to Florida :)

                                                                  Sisters Reunited

                                          My sister Renee arrived in Florida for a visit. 
       A trip way over due - it has been 3 years since her last visit here to see me.
                 My husband was out of town so we enjoyed a nice girl's (sister) time ....

                       First thing she wanted to do when she arrived at my house 
                            was to relax by the pool and that is exactly what we did
                               with the help of my watermelon cooler cocktail...

                                                        Watermelon Cooler Recipe
  • Coconut Water 
  •  Fresh Watermelon
  • Ice
  • Lime (one wedge for juice & garnish)
  • Ketel One Vodka 
Dice one cup watermelon and puree in blender.
Add ice,  a squeeze of lime juice, 1 & 1/2 shot of vodka and a splash of coconut water.
Blend all together until it is a slush consistency. 
Pour into a cocktail glass and serve with lime garnish.

                                                                    So yummy !
                                       I lit up the night so we  stayed out in the pool
                                              & just the two sisters  chit chatting
                                                           catching up on our lives .... 
                                            I wanted her to feel relaxed  and comfortable.
                                                  My sister  really needed this vacation. 

                                          I had planned a weekend getaway in Orlando 
                                              with a visit to Epcot Disney theme park .
                             We packed up the car and off we went on our merry way ....

                                 We stayed at the Wyndham Lake Buena Vista Resort.
                                                            We got settled in our room
                                                                 Had a  little snack
                                                          We had a garden view room.

                                 Then off we went to the Prime Outlet Shopping ....
                                                    My favorite store -Disney Outlet

                                              Renee trying on some stylish pumps ....
                                                   She has such small feet size 5
                                        -she always finds great shoes in her size.

Then we ended up at Downtown Disney Marketplace
we had some dinner at the Raglan Road -Irish Restaurant.
We had the famous Fish 'N' Chips.

                                We walked around and outside of the LEGO shop .
                          There are amazing Lego creations  found around the shop,
                                                including a "sea serpent" in the lake.
                                                                      The 7 dwarfs .

 Pictures with the princess.

             We awoke the next morning and had breakfast at the Garden Gazebo. 


                        Believe it or not I was trying to stick to my New diet restrictions .
                                                  (no dairy /no gluten/no soy )
                                             I brought my meals to the resort,
                                      however lets see how long it last before
               I give in to food temptations, Since we are going to Epcot today 
                                                    &  it is all about food  there ...

                             These Gluten -free chocolate muffins were really good . 
                                                       My sister even enjoyed them.

                              After breakfast  my sister wanted to get some sun 
                                                so off to the Pool we went!

                                                                We picked our spot!
                                                             Right by the Jacuzzi .
                                                        & In front of the waterfall !

                                                  Under the waterfall!!! So refreshing!

                                             Enjoying the Jacuzzi to relax the muscles
                                                          before we head to Epcot!

                                                                We arrived at Epcot.
                                                        We both wore Black & Blue.

                                                  Our first ride on Spaceship Earth.

                                                         Time to visit the countries....

                                                                     O Canada!

                             My son is very good at  golf so I took this picture for him ...

                                                                    ~ Chef de Pati ~
                                                              Met a few friends .....
                                                       Aladdin & Princess Jasmine.

(We just walked by because we were hungry and wanted to get to ITALY)

We ate at Via Napoli
We are going for a wood-fired pizza for our dinner.
                                                    Yes there goes my diet restrictions....
                                                         Authentic Neapolitan Pizzas
Pizza's are made with real caputo flour imported from Southern Italy, San Marzano tomatoes, handmade mozzarella and water from a local spring similar to Italy's Campania region. They are cooked in authentic wood-burning ovens named after the 3 active volcanoes in Italy—
                                         Mount Etna, Mount Vesuvius and Stromboli.

                                                          We started off with a salad .
             We had the  Carciofi Pizza -Artichoke, Pecorino, Mozzarella, Truffle oil .
                                        Yes... my sister is licking her lips !!!! Yummy !
                                                   Of course we both had to have a
                                                      Cappuccino “Alla Panna” !
                                                           We felt like we were in Italy .
                                                          We really enjoyed our evening!

                           We ended the night with watching the fireworks in Mexico!
                                                      Arriba Arriba...Undilah Undilah....
                                                   Whew ~1st night down one more to go !
                                  Saturday morning arrived and what a beautiful day . 
                   We have moved to another room in the towers due to noisy guest.
                                                     What a view of Downtown Disney!
                       We spent the day by the pool and off to Epcot we go again ! 
                                                    This time to go on the rides.

                            Renee having fun while we are waiting to ride SOARIN.
The Land Pavilion.

Living with the Land
                                 A 14-minute boat ride in Future World at Epcot
 that explores agricultural advances  in the rain forest, Africa and beyond.
We both really enjoyed this ride. 
I like all organic fruit & veggies!
My sister enjoys gardening!

                               This ride gave my sister some ideas for her garden ....

                         We then headed off to see ....The Seas with Nemo & Friends!
                                         & Journey Into Imagination With Figment!
                                                    We acted like lil kids !!!LOL

                                            Mine ..Mine.....Mine ....Love these birds!
                                                                 I hate Jelly fish !!!!!!!

                                           This reminds me to go get my eyes checked

Next stop- Mexico

                                                Especially with some !
                                                        Mango Margaritas ! Yummo!

                                                                   Gran Fiesta Tour.

                                                   Starring The Three Caballeros

                                                                    "Hasta la vista!"


                                                           Sisters and their Trolls !!!!! 
                                             How did I get stuck with the Bigger one !

                          We rode the Maelstrom Adventure on a troll-tormented 
                                Viking ship from modern-day to historic Norway!

                                 We ran into this cute lil duck with his bill in the mud ...
                                                                            Too cute !
                                                       The Siamese Sisters enter China !
                                                                     That is Scary !!!!

                                                 I rub  Budda's belly for good fortune !

                                            Another night ending with fireworks &
                           then we headed to Pleasure Island  to Planet Hollywood
                                              for a snack before we called it a night!

                                                  I had alot of fun with my sister !!!! 
                       We got up Sunday morning and headed to Downtown Disney 
                                                and had lunch at the Earl of sandwich.

                                                                    The Caprese....

                                                The best sandwich with Fresh Mozzarella, 
                               Roma Tomatoes, Fresh Basil & Drizzled Balsamic Vinaigrette
                                                                 More ducks .....
                                                             Renee feeding them !
                                                            Last moment Disney shots !

                                                          We never did find Dopey ....
                                                                      Good -Bye !

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