Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Day at the Zoo!

                                                                 A Day at the Zoo!!!

                                    On my sister's summer vacation visit to Florida.
                                                  I decided to take her to our zoo !
           The weather was  sooo hot  but we managed to explore through the day !   

                                           First stop was to see the Kuala Bear .....so cute !

         We learned that the Kuala bears  rarely, if ever, take a drink of water. 
      They feed on Eucalyptus leaves which provides the Koalas with just about 
                                                all the water its body needs.

                        This one is sleeping (which they are known to sleep alot too )
                                               on a nest full of eucalyptus leaves. 

                                                We stopped to check out some Koi fish .

                                                                    The Ostrich-Chillin !

                                              My sister is all calm ...me ..not so much !!!!! 
                                                                       Big Bats too !
                                                         Then we stopped at the stables .
                                                           We had a look at the horses!


Did you expect anything else from a PIG!
                             Exactly  why I don't eat alot of Pork or Ham ....Just sayin !!!!!
                                                                       Filthy & Lazy !
                                              We really enjoyed watching the Penguins!

                                                   Its this lil guys turn for a swim ....
                                                                  There he goes ....
                                                                      Now entering ......
                                                      We went on the Safari ride ...

                                          A guided tour of the Safari Africa habitat area! 
                          Climbed aboard the custom-made safari vehicle for a 15-minute 
                              narrated ride  & we viewed  dozens of African animals.

The Elephants ended our Safari tour .

                                       We learned that Elephants are pregnant for 22 months.
                                Yikes ...Can you imagine women can only endeavor 9 months . 

                                                   Nobody wanted to ride the Camel.

                                                          We did some bird watching !

                                                       Eagles look so mean & bossy ......
                                                       (hmmm...that sounds like me ...)

     The Safari Guide to the Rhinos .
                                           Baby Rhino coming to the fence to say hello !

                                                       Renee -Resting out from the heat.
                                           Interesting animal -Part Giraffe /Part Zebra 
                                                             Dogon ceremonial mask
 Ritual and ceremonial masks are an essential feature of the traditional culture
                           and art of the peoples of Subsaharan and West Africa.

                 I stumbled on a spider that looks deadly ....I HATE SPIDERS !!!!!!

Watch out for GATORS!!!!!

 Manatees are large, fully aquatic,  marine mammals sometimes known as 
                                                                       sea cows.

The Manatee Hospital.
Here the zoo can take care of up to 12 manatees. There are 3 manatee treatment pools with their own life support systems. They even have their own hydroponics unit. This grows the special underwater plants that manatees eat in the wild.
 Part of this center includes an emergency treatment clinic
 to treat injured manatees that are rescued.

My sister hiding in the tree ....
From all the Critters we are about to see ....

                                                   My sister entering the Zen garden.

I had a wonderful day with my sister at the zoo.

                                                                    The Zoo mobile  !

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