Saturday, September 1, 2012

Sisters are special !

                                    Sisters are special !
                                                This picture made me PMP! LOL!
                                           ~Scary  ~                         

                                             Sisters From the movie "The Shining" 
                                                 ( That movie freaks me out !)      

          This is one of my favorite pictures of me & my sister when we were young.

                          It was nice to spend some time with my sister.
                        I'm glad she wanted to spend her summer vacation 
                                            here in Florida  visiting me . 
                                                  This photo taken  4-09
                    The last time she was here was for my 40th Birthday.

     Unfortunately I had to work  so  my sister enjoyed her day by the pool . 

              One night we thought we would just hang out at the house
                                     and enjoy each other company. 

                                       I made us dinner starting off with a tossed salad

 & for the main course ....
Pasta with broccoli , artichoke & shrimp
 in a Italian cheese & herb sauce made by
 Kraft Philadelphia Cooking creme.

These cooking creme are great ! 
You can whip up an elegant meal in no time!
Quick & easy steps!
  •  Cook pasta of choice.(This  recipe I used regular spaghetti.) 
  • Season the shrimp with S&P and Old Bay seasoning and saute in combination of butter /extra virgin olive oil .
  • Add broccoli & artichokes(canned or jarred) continue to saute until the broccoli is tender but not overcooked.
  • Add  Philadelphia cooking creme.                                                             *Suggestions:   Kraft Philadelphia has a variety of flavored cooking cremes  to choose from to make  along with any vegetable /protein dish  along with  pasta, rice or even quinoa.
  • Add some pasta cooking water to thin out sauce just a tad.
  •   Add cooked pasta and mix together.
  • Add parmesan cheese for topping.

                                                  My sister really enjoyed our  dinner. 
                                                She even took this recipe home with her  
                   which she informed me she already made this meal  for her family
                                                    and they enjoyed it as well !
So yummy !

                                                  After dinner we went to the beach 
                                                           to relax & fed the birds.
                                         There wasn't much of a sunset -hazey forecast. 

                                                              My sister feeding the birds.

                                             These birds are awesome at fetching  bread!

                 Just hold out your hand with the bread to feed them directly                                                   &  the birds  just grab the bread right out from your hand.

                                         My sister wanted to take home some sea shells.
                                                      My sister looking for shells.

                                                    Renee & her bag of sea shells .....

We headed home and we decided on dessert .....
Smores by fire pit !!!!!
This is my 1st at making smores shouldn't be that complicated.

I got the fire pit ready .

                                 I just told my sister that I just noticed &  I didn't know 
                                    there was a family of lizards living in my fire pit .

                            I didn't see them when I fired up the log ....I feel so bad ...
                                                    I killed the whole family ....
 I fried them to a crisp ...I'm gonna have nightmares tonight ........Ughhhh....
                      I'm apologizing now so  if you see any dead lizards in the fire pit
                                                            ....close your eyes ....

                                                           I have burnt my 1st one ...
Marshmallow  a little too roastie .... 
                                              My sister's smore  is Perfect ....She is a pro !!!!
                                                        I'm trying this again .................
                                                I'm determined to make the perfect Smore !

                           Nice ending to the evening !!!!

                                         The next day we decided to go to the park
                                              by my house to see the turtles & owls.
                                         After the park then go  do some shopping.
                                                          Cocktail first of-course ......
                                               Frozen Vodka/Peach/Mango Slushy......

George C. McGough Nature Park


Also known as "the turtle park" for its abundant aquatic turtle population, Escape the hustle and bustle of the city and stroll through the shady oak hammock or through the mangroves along the intercoastal waterway. Make sure you visit the nature center which houses live animal exhibits.

                                                                     This owl is blind .

  The Turtles .

                                                     This one is ready to dive in .....

                                              My sister wanted to shop for souvenirs ....
                                                          I took her to John's Pass, 
                                 I'm sure we can find something for her family there..... 
This quaint turn-of-the-century fishing village is Pinellas County’s #1 tourist attraction. 
Over one hundred merchants inhabit the Village with unique retail shopping,
 a variety of restaurants.

Us sisters were looking for Hello Kitty t-shirt for our mother who loves cats .
We didn't find Hello Kitty, however we both  ended up buying her a cat t-shirt.

                                            Renee finished all of her souvenir shopping .

           Sister- Fun times that I'm sure we both will remember for a lifetime!!!

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