Monday, September 3, 2012

Rick's BBQ Chicken

                                                       My husband Rick's  BBQ  Chicken

                                      Make sure to buy fresh all natural -hormone free
                                                                    chicken pieces.

                                                                  Breast w/ribs
                                                                        thighs &
                                                                         wings .

                                           Clean chicken & place on a baking pan 
                                                         and season with S&P
                                                                 & Season salt .

                                                   Pre-heat oven to 375 degree F
                                                                  Bake chicken
                                                                For about 24 minutes.
                                                                    Start up  the grill ....

                                             Take chicken out of the oven and then cover 
                                                             all over the chicken   with
                                                                       Weber chicken rub.

                                                              Rick is  making sure every
                                                                  chicken piece is
                                                                  well coated &
                                                          seasoned with the chicken rub.

                                                       Now the chicken is  ready for the grill ...
                                                          Place the chicken pieces
                                                        on the outside of the grill
                                                                 not in direct heat
                                                                so the chicken doesn't burn .
                                            Cover the chicken and let them cook
                                                        for another 5-10 minutes.
                                              Once the chicken pieces start to look crispy
Then baste the chicken pieces with your favorite BBQ sauce.
Rick's favorite is Sweet Baby Ray's 
                                                                  Baste away !!!!

                                                   Turn over all the chicken pieces 
                                                      & baste then chicken is done .
                                                               My husband in action
                                                       He takes his grilling seriously ....
                                      I wanted to buy a bigger grill but my husband 
                                                          won't give up the Weber .
                                                         Time to take off the grill.....

                                                             These look yummy!
                                                  Our No starch Meal for Labor Day!
                                               Not sooo Quick my husband's dessert ....

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