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Welcome Fall ~ Pati's Fig Jam

                                                                      Pati's Fig Jam

                                                  Sad to see summer come to an end,
                                             however I'm ready for my favorite season ....
                                                 (Though not so much here in Florida)
                                                Give thanks to my family & friends 
                                                             with some Fig Jam!!!!

                                Whats the difference between Jam,Jellies & Preserves

Jelly, jam and preserves are all made from fruit mixed with sugar and pectin. 
The difference between them comes in the form that the fruit takes.
  • In jelly, the fruit comes in the form of fruit juice.
  • In jam, the fruit comes in the form of fruit pulp or crushed fruit (and is less stiff than jelly as a result).
  • In preserves, the fruit comes in the form of chunks in a syrup or a jam.
Pectin is an indigestible carbohydrate (fiber). It is found in the cell walls of most fruit. When heated with sugar in water, it gels, giving jam, jelly and preserves their thickness.


·       2 dozen figs (about 4-5 cups cut up)     
     *I used a mixture of  Brown Turkey &Black Mission figs.
·       2 Lemons(1/4 cup fresh squeezed lemon juice)
·       1-Cinnamon stick
·       1-Pectin pkg –all natural
·       ½ cup water
·       ¼ cup sugar
·       4 cups of stevia

  You will need :   

                                                    Canning jars  
                                      I'm using 4 oz jars for this recipe .
                                                       1-Large Pot 
                                                                1- Canning kit

                                                                Wash the jelly jars.
                                                      Sanitize the jar lids in boiling water .

                                      After water comes to a boil reduce to low heat 
                                                 until your ready to use the lids.
                                                                  Wash the figs.

                                                    Set them on a paper towel to dry.

                                                           Cut the figs in quarters.

                                                           2 dozen figs is approx 4-5 cups 
                                                           Place in a 3 qt  dutch oven pot.

                                                                  Mix the pectin

                                                     with 1/4 cup of granulated sugar.

                                                            Mix well and set aside.

                                       Roll the lemons to breaks up the pulpy membranes 
                                            to  allow the juices to run more freely.
                                                          I cut the lemons in quarters
                                                       so it fits in my lemon juicer.
                                                                Squeeze  the juice .
                                                        Add lemon juice (1/4 cup)to the figs .
                                                             Add 1 cinnamon stick.
                                                             Add 1/2 cup of water.

                                                                       Stir together.
                                                          Add the pectin/sugar mixture.

                                                                Stir all together
                                                    until all is well combined.
                                                               Place temp. on High
                                                           Bring Fig mixture to a boil .
                                       When the fig mixture has reached a full boil-lower heat .
                                                    Measure 4 cups of Stevia.
                                                         Add the Stevia to fig mixture.

                                                       Stir the Stevia into the fig mixture .

                                                  Use a potato masher to crush the figs
                                                           and mix the stevia well .
                                    This will take a few minutes until it is well combined .

                                   You can skim off the foam or what I do is  whip out
                                                    the power  Immersion Blender !  
                                  Mixing while bring back the fig mixture to a boil.
                                               When you see the fig mixture 
                                     thickens up to the consistency you  like, 
                                           then I know it is time to test the jam.

Remove the cinnamon stick.

                                                         Test on a back of a spoon,
                                       this fig jam has thicken to the consistency I like,
                                                                   my jam is ready !
                                                The jelly jars are dried so we can start
                                                           to fill them with Fig jam.
                                          Place the Canning jar funnel on top  of jelly jars .
                                                              Begin to fill with fig jam.
                                             Fill them to within ¼-inch of the top.
                                               Use a bubble remover headspace tool
                                                      to slide into the side of filled jar
                                         to release air bubbles & measure headspace.
                                                           Fill all  the  jelly jars .
This Fig jam looks so good !
                                          Now for the lids that are still soaking in hot water.
                                                     Use your magnetic lid lifter

                                                                and grab a top lid  & 
                                                    seat the lid on top of the jelly jar &
                                                                  tighten the ring 
                                                                    around them.
                                                            Continue 11 more times .....

                                                Bring a large pot of water to a rapid boil.
                                                                Using a jar lifter
                                             Lift & place the Fig jam jars into the pot .
                                    Keep the jars covered with at least 2 inches of water.
                                                Keep the water boiling for 10 minutes.

                                                      Then remove the fig jam jars
                                                                      & let cool !
                                                                          Done !
                                  I'm so proud of my very first canning recipe of Fig Jam!!!

                              This recipe makes 12-4 oz jars of fig jam .

                                               Let the jars rest for 24 hours for the jam to set.
                                            Refrigerate the jar you are going to use & 
                                                     the remaining jars store in pantry.
                                                                Once the jam is cooled ....
                                                                 Enjoy for breakfast!
            For me it is a Dairy/Gluten -free Breakfast with Millet special bread
                               & Earth balance dairy/soy- free Natural Buttery Spread
                      I noticed in the morning that  this jar was a lil short which
            My husband couldn't wait he was into the jam in the middle of night &
                                       he made a peanut butter & fig jam sandwich.
                                                    He told me it was really good 
                                     and the fig jam  compliments the peanut butter . 
                             Here I  go .......Spreading the fig jam on the buttery spread toast
                                                               Ready for me to eat ......

                                                    Yikes... I'm sooo pretty in the morning...    
                                                                      This is sooo good !        

                                        How to decorate your jars of yummy goodness
                                                   to give to family &  friends !
                Use your imagination all you need is some fabric , ribbon & labels....

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