Sunday, September 9, 2012

Happy Grandparent's Day ~ A Memory Garden !

                                                        Antoinette & Louie Russo

         What will you do today to celebrate  in memory of your grandparents ?

                                                We planted a herb garden & 2 Plants.
                                       Flowers for  Grandma & the plant for Louie !

                                             My husband & I miss them both dearly ...
                            We are very grateful for everything they done for our family! 
                                                             Wonderful Memories !
                                      My Grandma had always  grown something 
                                         from tomatoes, herbs to flowers in a garden !

                                   My sister picked up my grandparent's trait of gardening ...
                                                           So I'm gonna give it a whirl ...
                                                   (With my husband's help ofcourse ....)

                                                     We picked out some herbs to plant.          
                                       Thyme,  Basil, Sage, Italian Parsley, & Rosemary
                                                 Along with some Tomatoes & Peppers.

                                                    My husband getting his hands dirty ...


                                               I love this man for what he does for me ..... 
                                             My grandparents always loved Rick too!!!!
                                               I  bought herb stakes at Pier 1 -Love them !

                      Memory Garden

                                                        Rick watering our garden ......

                                                               We love & miss you both  !!!!

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