Saturday, February 16, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day !

Spinning Heart Valentine

                                   My husband & I had a nice Valentine's Day !

                              Hearts to Hearts  decor around our home !!!!
                                         Setting the mood for Romance !!! 

                                                            My  Valentine Tablescape 
                    draped in a red heart tablecloth and fresh tulips for the centerpiece .

                                                           Hearts lit up the room ....
                                                            & on the front porch. 

                                                 Hugs & Kisses Always in our home !

                                                         Our Valentine's Gifts !
                                                    Bag of goodies for my hubby !
                                              My husband gave me a few treats .......
                                                                   I love my Roses !

                                                       More goodies for my hubby ....
                                                  I bought him a few healthy treats ...
                                                                      a sweet treat .
                               My husband loves lemon  so I bought him this yummy cake !
Our Valentine Cards ....

                                                               I got  Hockey tickets

                                      For the 4 of us ....Tampa Bay Lightning Game.
                         My in-laws are in town for a visit so we are taking them too.
                   I also bought  these pretty Tulips for my Mother-in -law , 
                                                      & a lil treat bag too ....
                                                    She is so Lovely & Sweet ....
                                             I'm glad she is here visiting us . 
                                                        Off we went to the game . 
                                  Tampa Bay Lightning   vs   Washington Capitals 
                       We did hit some traffic and the weather was cold & rainy .
                       My husband dropped us off while he went to park the car . 
                                  This was my mother in-law 1st Hockey game....
           Even though are hometown is Pittsburgh & we are Pens fans ...
                                                 We are rooting for the Lightnings !

                                                             My 2nd favorite team !

My Mother in-law already making friends .
We had nice seats  and a great  view of the rink.

                                                We are ready to enjoy  the game .....

                                                                        Go Pens !!!
                                             Lightning  2004 Stanley Cup Champions

                                                                Here we go.......
                                           The Lightning take to the ice for warm-ups.
                                                                 The Lightning bolt .
                                                                       (Pretty Cool!)

                                 1st period almost over ......Where is my husband Rick??????

                          Poor guy had to walk about 5 blocks away from the Forum ...
                                     I did mention already it was a cold rainy evening.
          He doesn't look too happy ...but I made him take this picture anyways....
                                                           I LOVE  YOU BABE!!!


                                                             The Lightning Bench .
                                                    Intermission -Game of Hearts ...
                   My mother in-law enjoying her Heart Strawberry Pie Pop I made.
                                             My husband enjoying a Canadian Beer...
                                                      Canadians love their Hockey .
                         (Everyone around thought he was probably from Canada)
                                                                     oot and aboot”

                        We are all enjoying the game however the Lightning are losing.
                                                                    2-1 at this point.

                                                                  Go Lightning !!!!!!
Unfortunately the Lightning lost to the Capitals 4-3. 
                                   Lightning Bolt outside the Tampa Bay Times Forum.

               I had a wonderful  night  with my in-laws and my husband ! 
              A night I'm sure we will remember always on Valentine's Day!

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