Monday, February 25, 2013

Sunset Beach


                     A Sunset is a Promise of a New Beginning!

                                I have enjoyed a nice walk with my husband on the beach 
                                                getting ready to watch the sunset!


                                                 A Seagull going to catch  his Dinner ....

                                                      This lil guy looks hungry too...

                                   This is the  best way to escape from the daily stress.....
                                                     Wash away any negative energy ....

                                           We always look for shark teeth for good luck!

                                                                     So calm ...........


                                                                      Pretty ......

           My husband is capturing  the beautiful pictures of tonight's Sunset ....

                                                                         Breathe in .......

                                                                         ~  Let go ~

                                                         What a Beautiful evening !

Going through a dark time of the soul is often a time of preparation for a new phase of life; a time of renewal, healing and rest. If we are preparing, learning and moving ahead with our new challenges, it can be a real blessing. 

                                             A beautiful sunset shows that promise 
                                 no matter what happened during the day it concludes.

                                          That is when it is important to remember
                                     the promise of the sunset that brought the night.                
                                         After the most spectacular moment in a sunset
                                                 heralding in the new day comes!

                                                                   Inspired by ......
                                                       Artist :Judy Rey Wasserman

Watch a painting of a sunset and "universe" be born in the video below: 

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