Monday, February 4, 2013

Super Bowl XLVII- Way to Go Ravens !

 The Super Bowl XLVII  game was played in New Orleans,LA  between the American Football Conference (AFC) champion Baltimore Ravens and the National Football Conference (NFC) champion San Francisco 49ers.

                                                                Brother vs Brother 

Alicia Keys Performs the National Anthem at Super Bowl

               Jennifer Hudson joins the chorus from Sandy Hook Elementary School 
                                            to sing America the Beautiful!

                                                          I was cheering for Baltimore !

                                        My husband , Ron(My husband's step-father) 
                                       & I were invited to our friend Fred's Superbowl Party.
                                       We were in charge of bringing the Chicken wings .

                                           There definitely was enough beverage choices ....
                                                         to pair with all the food ......

                                          I enjoyed some HOT wings & my Gluten-Free Beer.
                         I was happy to find a Gluten -Free beer that taste really good !

Tweason’ale is a beer  brewed on the cusp of summer. It is a gluten-free sorghum based beer brewed with fresh strawberries from Fifer Orchards near Dover, Delaware.  This beer is a dark, sweet, syrup with notes of molasses and pit-fruit. They  also used a a dark buckwheat honey with a beautiful hay-like, earthy-malty thing that adds the final touch.

                                             There was a nice crowd watching the game .
                                                       My husband  eating Chicken wings ...
                                                                 He is being sarcastic ...
                                                              Doc, Rick & Fred
                                                     Pics of me with Rick & Fred
                                                           Raven Fan #52-Ray Lewis
                                                                   shaped as a Heart

                                                  Rick & Ron cheering  for the Ravens !

                                          After the halftime show the Lights went out at the game
                                                                        Too Funny !

                                         My husband won $$$ 3rd Quarter ....Yeah !
                                                             Yeah !!!! Ravens win!

                                             My Favorite commercial was for TacoBell ...

Super Bowl Commercials 2013

                                                   A Fun Filled Football Night !

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