Monday, July 22, 2013

A Thoughtful Gift!


                                                                   A Flower Bowl
                                              A cheap gift can be a thoughtful gift!
                                                     (I got the idea on Pinterest)
                                     You don't have to spend a lot of $$$$ to give
                                        something as a gift for it to be special ...
                                            It is always the thought that counts !
I bought some Artificial flowers at the dollar store 
along with water beads and a small glass bowl.
These will make a great decorative piece on my nightstand
 in our guest room to go with the flower theme I got going on 
 paired up with my Tulip art painting 
that I will eventually hang up on the!
You can choose any size or shape of a glass bowl and a wide arrangement of flowers to choose from to make it look glamorous.
Display in any room...
Kitchen counter, Bathroom vanity or on a window seal...
These would make a great colorful centerpiece 
for a wedding, a shower, a picnic, or any dinner party !

A pink daisy floats in water for an elegant look .
I first add the water beads to the bowl, 
 then add the water & top with the flower, .
The beads will give it a shiny look to the water.
A sunflower added on top of water beads.
Place the flower bowl on an octagonal mirror base
with the beauty  from the flower bowl with the mirror effect
adds an alluring element to a home!

 I'm giving these as gifts to my family & friends ...
New home, New mommie , Birthdays, or just to show someone you are thinking of them !
Just wrap the flower bowl in colorful tissue & ribbon!
Choose a thoughtful card and there you have it ! 
A Thoughtful gift
{showing heed for the well-being or happiness of others!}

My good friend Suzanne just had a baby so this one is for her "New Mommie"
One for my good friend Lana ....
(I got her a card just stating how much  I appreciate our friendship!)
Meeting her for a pedicure ....Hope she likes it !
She put her gift in the car and will open it when she gets home....
She later text me "Thanks for my beautiful card & pretty flower showcase ...
luv it!"
One for my dear friend "Kim"
She is always there to lend an ear to listen & comfort those who are in need !
One for my mom's birthday!

I include both flowers to change it up !
Pink Daisy -Summer 
Sunflower -Fall
             This one is going to my mother in -law 
just to let her know she is appreciated !
             She is such a giving person and I wanted to just say
 "Thank you !"


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