Saturday, January 11, 2014

☼Saturday Farmer's Market ☼

 Last Saturday I spent the day
 with my good friend, Lana .
 She got me up,out & moving again since I was just getting over being sick in bed for a couple of days  and needed some good fresh air 
to perk me back into feeling better.
So we decided to go to the Saturday Market . 
 Believe it or not  it was a chilly day in Florida!!!
Fresh Produce !!!!
I bought some Kale which I used for a soup recipe !
That is all I want lately is Soup!!!

My friend Lana is  buying
 some Asian Curry sauces.
She is a spicy Girl !!!
She is actually the one who
 got me into using  Hot spices &  sauces !
 They even had some
 Gluten -free pastry items ...

 So many vendors with all sorts of 
                          foods,plants & crafts.

 Chocolate grabbed our attention ...

 Lana bought herself a
 box full of fancy chocolates...

 I Love Sunflowers !!!
These would brighten anyone's day...
who is not feeling well ...
Like myself :)

 They had several vendors from various farms selling food items that are Organic, Hormone free & Grass fed  ..etc 
Right up my alley !!!

 This girl moves fast!!!
I brought along a tote & 
 she had it almost filled ...

 Homemade Bloody Marys ...
Yep we had to try !!!
Just what the Doctor ordered!!!

Full of Antioxidants
Tomatoes  have a large amount of Vitamin C &
a high content of Vitamin B6  together helps to build a strong immune system
 by fighting infections, such as the common cold that I'm battling!!! 
Plus it is full of 
Lipozene !!!
(Fat Burner)
I am really starting to feel better !!!

                                   Cupcakes !!!
                So hard to resist .....Ughhhhh!!!!! 
            Whew ~ but I did ....that was close !!!

I certainly had a fun day with my friend Lana
We always enjoy our Girl talks
 & laughter for sure !!!
 Here is a Great Produce bag !!!!


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