Sunday, January 19, 2014

Walk for Health Together ❣

                     Walking for HEALTH  !!!

We  got a text from our son , 
he is in special training and has to do alot
 of  fitness exercises.
 He sent us this picture ...

                                He is in Great Shape!!!
                           He had to carry a 52 lb backpack 
                              for 9 miles within 4 hours...
                 I text him back that I carry that everyday 
                       around my mid section !!! 
My wonderful husband is motivating me
 to get back into shape!!!! 
Especially after we got that text from our son.

He is lucky he is Handsome

We don't want our son to come home to parents that are looking just a tad over weight (slobs)LOL!!!
Not funny at all really ...
We both have gained some weight ...
It is not healthy & we are not getting any younger...
I have been stressed out with work , mentally drained so I just don't feel like working out  when I get home. I used to workout  all the time and I DO miss  that good feeling after a workout!!!
So we are starting off by Walking!!!!
It was a cold day in Florida 
as you can see how I'm dressed!!!
We like walking in the park !!!
So calm today & I Like being in touch with nature!!!
Yeah!!! I walked 1- 1/2 miles  
on Saturday & Sunday!!!
My goal is to turn this walk into a Run!!!!
 Ofcourse Without injury  !!! !!!
Walking will do for now!!!! 

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