Thursday, February 26, 2015

DARE TO BE ♥ wear love out

DARE TO BE ♥ wear love out

"There’s an army rising up. Not of princess girls, but of
warrior chicks who are ready for battle in Jesus name."
~Natalie Grant, Dare to Be: Wear Love Out Tour 2015

We are undone by over 1,200 women responding to His call to come forward and receive Jesus!  

I was thrilled that Dare to Be tour stopped here again in Tampa!!!
Packed house of women !!!

This is my second year (Dare to be "Chick") and it was my friend Lana
 first time which she loved it ! 

We enjoyed all the songs from Natalie Grant 
and the humorous and passionate teachings of Gods word
 from Charlotte Gambill!

My camera didn't capture too good of photos ...
we are lucky to find seats it was sooo packed!

Dare to be Chicks!

Wonderful Girl's Night out!
With my dearest friend!!!
We enjoyed our evening  with dinner & worship  !!!!

Do not fear; only believe!
Luke 8:50


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