Monday, February 23, 2015

Gluten-Free Valentine ♡ Crispy Treats

GF rice Crispy treats with strawberry yummy bits
drizzled with white chocolate!!!!


6 cups of Gluten Free Brown Rice Krispie cereal (
Erewhon Gluten-Free)
3 Tbs. of Nutiva Non-dairy  Butterspread(Substitute butter)
1 Tsp. Pure Vanilla extract
1 bag (1 oz) Freeze Dried Strawberries ( I’m using crunchiesfood brand)
1-10 oz bag Gluten Free Marshmallows
½ cup melted GF white chocolate chips(Guittard)
Heart shaped cookie cutter 


Heat dairy-free butterspread until melted ,add vanilla, then add the marshmallows on low heat.

Stirring gently until all the marshmallows are melted to a smooth & creamy consistency
Add the Brown Rice cereal and stir together.(Sticky goodness)
Cut up the Freeze Dried Strawberries into little bits and add them to the marshmallow rice cereal mixture. 

Pour into a greased parchment paper lined sheet pan. Spread out the rice crispy cereal  to cover entire sheet pan. Refrigerate for 20-30 minutes to set up .
After they are cooled cut  the crispy treats into hearts with using a heart shaped cookie cutter. 

Melt the white chocolate chips in the microwave then with using a fork drizzle the melted chocolate over the heart shaped crispy treats.
Refrigerate to let the chocolate set up . 

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 Enjoy these Yummy Treats with your love ones !

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