Monday, February 2, 2015

January-Being Positive

Being Positive !

Last year I experienced some 
heartache & struggles.
 I was so negative in my own mind. 
I struggled & battled every bitter thought.
 This year ...
I am determined to 
ReNew my Mind!!! 
 I decided to do a 365 days of Being Positive.
 I started posting on Facebook Positive quotes.  When a negative thought enters my mind I then focus on that Positive Quote post for that day 
 and turn the negative thought into a positive one.
 So far it is working !!! 
Here are my 31 days of  Being Positive !!! 
Love New Beginnings !!!!! 
1st day #beingpositive

Remaining 30 days


Positive !
I posted  one extra quote
of Being Positive
One month down ...
334 days to go !!!

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