Monday, August 3, 2015

Pati's ♥ Recipes Stats

Pati’s Recipes Stats 
I’m excited to see how my personal hobby 
 Pati’s Recipes

my dietary lifestyle blog is slowly taking off !
I enjoy sharing my recipes with other people
who are gluten, dairy & soy free!
Thanks for the support of other bloggers,
vendors, family & friends!
Pati’s Recipe Blog
15 WordPress followers
6 email followers
49 Community followers
Posts 84
Views 10,926
Visitors 7,723
Facebook page- Total 303 likes -53 followers are vendors/bloggers
Go Gluten free 2015 Support page –203 members

Twitter-325 followers
Instatgram-133 followers
Piniterest-171 followers
Google-65 followers|1,687,173 views

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