Friday, August 28, 2015

Meet Snapper -Our "lil" Stinkpot Turtle

2 weeks ago we found this lil guy on the bike trail
at the park. 
I thought it was a rock moving across the trail....
Then I realized it was a baby turtle .... 
We took him home because we didn’t want anything to happen to him in the wilderness, We wasn’t sure if he would make it all by his lonesome so on the way home we stopped at PetSmart and bought an aquarium & everything for this lil turtle to feel
 comfortable & safe!!! 
The poor thing did not eat for the first 3 days  & we were really worried so off we went to the Reptile store.
Pinellas County Reptiles 
The owner of store told us that our lil turtle ....
first of all is a Stinkpot turtle –(we thought it was a Snapper turtle –that is why we named him that so we stuck with it anyways) he then asked us where we found him and we told him where and he said he was most likely a few hours old –just hatched and a bird picked him up for dinner & dropped him . 
These turtles are very hard to come by at the park- they are an aquatic turtle and we found him on land …
He is our MIRACLE turtle !!!
We saved him !!!!
The store owner said he probably would of never lived…
He also informed us that he is just a baby and it will take him awhile to start eating.
 He is not even as big as a quarter in size.
 These turtle do not bask often they love to hide and climb !!!!
So he recommended a few things we needed ,
UV light & filter and Bloodworms !!!
My husband ofcourse proud turtle parent that he is filmed his first meal …lol 

We were soooo happy !!!
After all said  & done …
Nothing but the best for this lil guy !!!
Our free turtle costed us over $100
We call his home …
The Clark Oasis
Enjoy a few pic of our Baby Stinkpot Turtle ...
He loves his new home !!!! 


We love watchin him ..he is sooo funny !!!
Lunch on the bridge!
We love our lil Snapper !!!
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