Saturday, September 26, 2015

Pumpkin Spice Ѽ Everything Please !

Ѽ Fall treats  Ѽ 
Made with Pumpkin Spice

This shirt says it all!!!

I made these Fall treats  for  this months Gluten free meeting  !
Everyone loved them !!!
(Recipes posts to follow)  
Gluten free Pumpkin  & Chocolate chip mini pound cakes 

Gluten free Chocolate dipped 
Pumpkin Mini Madeleines !!!

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More Pumpkin Spice goodies I found !!!
Its only just begun ....  
This cider tastes like pumpkin champagne....mmmm good!

Start your morning off with one of these 
Pumpkin spice cereals !!!!

This Year's Pumpkin Spice Offerings, Ranked From Worst to Best
(Click to view)

Love Everything Ѽ Pumpkin Spice !!! 
Fall is indeed my Favorite time of year !
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