Thursday, January 7, 2016

Spices Organization

Spices Organization

With each New Year I set goals to get Fit not just physically but in my home as well ...
My Kitchen needs a shape up.
 First thing I like to start with is my Spices !!!

I like having a spice rack on the counter for easy access. My husband got me a new one for Christmas and I love it. 
Kamenstein Spice Rack
 I receive Free spices for 5 years !!!! 

I also have a cupboard full of spices too that you might not typically find on your spice rack ...
Five star spice powder
Star Anise
Cardamom seeds

I also make up some of my own spice blends that I put in jars for example I make a pumpkin spice blend &  my husband makes a hamburger spice mix and rubs that I place in either mason or any glass jars(visible) and label them!

Here is how I get started...
  1. Get rid of expired spices.Empty out the spice cupboard.
  2. Choose containers- Tin,Plastic or Glass Containers  with lids that seals to keep in freshness. (I like to use a variety )
  3.  Categorize and Label. 

You can find all sorts of containers at Target, The container Store & Ikea to name a few however I purchased a lot of my containers at Micheals & Bed Bath & Beyond.
You can also make your own labels too !
Print out labels and use this 
 nifty tool ...

Xyron®150 Sticker Maker

I follow a great blog -the idea room
You can print out spice labels

Click here to purchase ...
DIY 20 Clever Kitchen Spices Organization Ideas 

I'm on my way to an organized Kitchen!
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