Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Clark's Christmas -2011

The Clark's Christmas -2011
Didn't have alot of $ to spend  for Christmas this year , however I was able to stay focus (overcome depression)with  being fulfilled with  the Christmas spirit  ....

Decorating for Christmas brings joy to my heart and that alone makes me happy. I have also enjoyed baking a few Holiday recipes.(Posted in my blog)

Eggnog-Panettone Bread Pudding
Eggnog Sugar Cookies
Mississippi Mud Bars

My Husband, Rick,  made Christmas day special, we relaxed all day , opened some presents, ate a holiday feast , enjoyed eggnog and cocktails, and watched movies. 
(No photos of the Clarks -We opt to stay in our PJ's all day-Not looking so Pretty) 
Yikes-Warned ya! Tho Rick still kissed me under the misel toe lol
Lime Ricky Soda

Yummy Cocktails

Funny Christmas Flick
X-mas present from Santa
My Zen Moments

Holiday Ham for Dinner

I was sad  that my son Ricky  wasn't able to come home for Christmas due to he  had to work (Military-Airforce) although he has informed me that he will take leave after the New Year so I have something to look forward to in  2012. 
I'm so amazed & proud of my son such a wonderful and handsome man he has become. 
From 1st Christmas to present.
Ricky 1st Christmas

Christmas 2011

The decorations for Christmas, no matter how modern they appear, must retain the essence or original idea behind these celebrations. From the  Angel on top of the Christmas tree to the colorful lights outside displayed in your front yard which ever decor lifts your heart . This festival brings an air of positivity in our lives. Decorations are an integral part of the Christmas celebrations. 

                            Deck the halls with memories
                            Some Photos of our Christmas Decorations  

Our Christmas Tree
                                                                Santa stopped at our House

No Candy Just cash

                                                                  And Gift Cards !
Good Job Rick, Love the Pain meds goes so well with Twinkies

New Coffee Maker -Love it!

New Toaster Needed one Our old one tossed toast on the floor
Christmas Gifts from friends
                                                                 Presents from Lana

Presents from Ellie
Presents from Lainey
No photo of  the Homemade Goodies I ate all the Candy she made   lol

   Enjoyed a Cup of Joe( I mean Goofy) while watching & listening to our Musical Christmas Fireplace(DVD).

Goofy-My Favorite Disney Character

            Snowman-My Favorite Christmas Character


More Christmas Decor


                                                  The Christmas Tablescape

Love my Reindeer Candles X-mas gift from my friend Jessica


                     I bid you farewell Until Next Christmas
                             Peace and Love be with you!
                                 Pati-The Rocking Elf

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