Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Natural way to diet -The Swedish Diet

                                             The Swedish Diet-The Natural way to diet

I'm Staring this Diet to aid in My 2012 New Years Resolution Weigh loss Challange  -To lose weight and get Fit & Healthy brought to us by  Health to Happiness, Inc. which is located here in Clearwater, Florida.

The Swedish Diet is a Natural Weight Loss System that is DRUG FREE.  It's a clinically-proven Botanical Cleanse & Nutrient Concentrate that fulfills the recommended dietary requirements one needs when eating less to lose weight.  It's loaded with Vitamins, Minerals Amino Acids, Electrolytes, Fiber and Green Tea, proven to aid in weight loss.  The Swedish Diet gently rids the body of harmful toxins, stimulates the metabolism and suppresses appetite to optimize a safe healthy and quick weight loss.  Includes an easy to follow 7 step program that includes a sensible eating plan and exercise guidelines. Makes losing weight easy and safe.  Drink the pounds away with the Swedish Diet!
The Swedish Diet the weight loss system used by thousands of Swedes to slim down and look their best.
Health to Happiness, Inc. believes that a happier life begins with a healthier life.  It provides The Swedish Diet for Drug Free Weight Loss, so we can enjoy a better life through better health naturally.

A clinically tested and proven method
The results from The Swedish Diet® have been validated by a clinical study.
One important finding by the researchers was that the participants lost an average of 3% body fat* after a week on the program. 
Cholesterol and blood fat (triglycerides) levels also dropped. This shows that The Swedish Diet® not only causes weight loss but also is good for general health.
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  1. Started this on Tuesday 1/3 and I lost 3 lbs so far thats a lb a day I'm gonna keep going