Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Birthday Rick!


                         We celebrated my Husband Birthday today & all into the Night......
       It's time to wish ho-ho-ho "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" to Rick
                                           (even Santa remembered...) 
click on link to watch : 

                                                     My Facebook Happy Birthday post . 
                                                             Happy Birthday Babe !
                                            My Husband woke up to such a surprise !

                            My husband favorite lemon glazed cake with lemon crumblets.

                                      We enjoyed the day at poolside relaxin with a few beers....
                                               My husband's Summer Beverage!
Leinenkugel's Summer Shandy® is a German beer. Crisp, refreshing and brewed with natural lemonade flavor, it's perfect for the sun-splashed summer months. 

                                                              Happy Birthday , Rick!

                                                      Ok then I got silly!!!!!!

                                                         Surprise ....Happy Birthday !
                                               Rick is thinking& she only had one beer !

                                                              Now to open a few gifts !
                                                       SoCo! Brings a smile....

                                                       Rick reading his Birthday card ....
                                                         Rick thought it was funny!
                               But most of all he liked the massage envy gift certificate.
Now off to Dinner!
Nice Bike!

                                                                         & a nice ride!
                                                                  Scenic Route ....
                                                     1st stop -Walk on the beach !

                                                               The Happy Couple ...
                                                                     The Clarks!

                                                       What a beautiful Night!

                                 Rick wanted Sushi for dinner so we headed to Basil Leaf
                                             for his favorite Fire Cracker Sushi Roll.

                                              Rick likes the Asahi Japanese beer with Sushi.
                                                                     So Beautiful!

                                                                     So Yummy!
                                                yes I stuck the whole roll in my mouth!
                                                Now headed to Jimmy B's ... for drinks!
                                                                     Cool Bikes!

                                                                  Rick & I at Jimmy B's

                                                   To watch one of our favorite Bands

                                                           Some pics @ Jimmy B's !

                                               We met up with some Phoenix friends.
                                                   Maria & Rio front & center stage.

                                                                  Rick Moon Rocks!

                                                                  The Ricksters!

                                                                   Birthday Kiss !
                                                                       Rio,Maria & I

                                                          Home of the Brave -Tatoo..
American Eagle.

                                                       Rick performed with the band !
                                         Rick really enjoyed playing with the band! 
                                Thanks to Stormbringer, Nice ending to his Birthday!

                                                            Drummer likes Rick's playin!


                                                                    Rick rockin it out !
                                                           Love the band faces !

                                                   Stormbringer Rocked the House !

             Nice ride home -Got to love wind in your hair ..I'll sleep good tonight!

       Happy Birthday Rick!

Orkut Scraps - Happy Birthday
                                                                         Make a wish !
Had a nice day with my husband on his  his Birthday !

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