Sunday, May 6, 2012

Taste of Pinellas -Yum!

                                                                   A Taste of Pinellas

                                      I had a blast going to this year's A Taste of Pinellas . 
                         A Great cause which  all proceeds go to All Children's Hospital .

                                        I arrived  downtown St. Petersburg 
       & then I had a thought that a Horse & carriage would be the way to go !

                                             Instead I hoofed it & I met up with the girls.
                                                    We met Miss Diva along the way!
                                                               Suzanne & Ashley & Myself

                                                   It was a nice scenic walk to the event .
                                                        View of St Petersburg Pier

 I'm not really into Reggae but it was pretty mellow listening to the opening performer of Ziggy Marley.( Son of the Late Bob Marley)

                                               Rob arrived late and missed his show.
            (hmmm too much drinking at the beach Rob? zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz)
                                                     & Confused (Just kidding lol )
                                               Fan-Rob sporting a Bob Marley T-Shirt!

                                        Plenty of Food vendors of Yummy Good Eats !
                                   Steak was really good at the Texas Cattle Company
                                                           (I was trying to be good )
                                       So much for that - I tried a Marg-a-Rita Cocktail
                                                          (Well it is Cinco de Mayo)
I was trying to look for Kettle corn which  I was standing in the wrong line
                                                                       ...Ugh !
                                     (Although Sweet Corn does sound yummy) 


                                                          The SuperMoon approching.
                                  (We were all amazed by how bright the moon was tonight)
   Suzanne tried Chocolate Fondue with Strawberries and other dippers
 at The Melting Pot.

                                     Ashley tried the Fried Goat cheese and watermelon 
                                                    which we all had a bite -Yummy!
                I  finally found the Kettle corn & Met a nice man along the way !

                                                            Arg!!!!!!!! Got me my corn!

                I think we all agreed that the Kettle corn was the best eats of the Night!

                                                       We all enjoyed hanging out 
                                                  The Daubermans -Suzanne & Rob
                                                                     Sista Pals
                                                                  (Suzanne& I)

                                             and listening to the main event performer 
                                                                    Sheryl Crow

                                                       A few songs we all enjoyed 
                                                            Leaving Las Vegas 
                                                        If it makes you Happy  
                                Soak up the Sun (even though she forgot the words)

                          The show came to an end with an enjoyable display of Fireworks.
                                               My camera ran out of memory
                                    so I didn't capture the finale which was spectacular!
                         (We were literally standing right underneath the fireworks ) 
                       It would of been nice if my husband could of came tonight 
           but he had his own show to do with his band "Phoenix"  bummer :( 
                        When there are  fireworks I like to watch them with the hubby! 

                              The colorful lighted trees on the walk back to Baywalk.
                                            We all left with a Busch Garden's Souvenir.
                                       Jason was a trooper for carrying one of the bags !

                                      We ended the Night since it is Cinco de Mayo 
                                               with a Mexican Nightcap & snack!
                                               The gang enjoyed a Mexican treat of 
                                    Chips & Salsa, Fajitas, & Chicken Quesadilla

                                                                And I enjoyed a

                                             Frozen Margarita with  Jose Cuervo

                                                 I enjoyed a Great Night out with Friends !

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