Friday, May 11, 2012

A Mother's Day Gift

              This year I didn't know what to get my mom so I did some research....

            Time to celebrate the most awesome woman we know ...YOUR MOTHER!

Since May 9, 1914 when the second Sunday in May was declared "Mother's Day", children and fathers have looked for meaningful ways to recognize and celebrate those unsung heroes in their lives: their mothers. Mother's Day is this Sunday , May 13th and if you haven't already , you've got just a few days to figure out the Perfect gift.

All Mother's enjoy flowers.

Cards & Candy !

Right now, you can send this beautiful ecard, designed by Emily Deschanel, free to someone special for Mother's Day! You'll be spreading the word about the work we do helping women in war-torn countries change their lives, support their children, and nurture their communities. And you'll be showing someone you love how much they mean to you. Send a card today!

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My mother calls her mother MAMA(my mother always tells me she misses her MAMA) -my son Ricky calls me MOM- & when my sister & I talk about our mother we say MUMMY- and growing up in our Italian family we always SHOUT to our mothers AH MA(or MUM).

Better than Candy try Chocolate Covered Fruit: Easy to make and fun to eat. Mix different fruits for a variety or keep it simple and just use one type. This is one of the easiest gourmet candy gifts you can make. Chocolate covered strawberries, kiwi, pineapple, oranges,apples and nuts are delicasies. You can also dip cookies and rice crispy treats in chocolate.  
                                              Make fruit pops for a Tasty Bouquet .

Recipe from

  • Your favorite Chocolate (about 1 ounce per person)
  • Your favorite fruits: dried, fresh etc. A mix of fruit is fun. think beyond strawberries.
  • Toppings (the sky is the limit!): Sprinkles, Toasted Nuts, Coarse Sugar, Stevia Granules, Brown Sugar, Maple Sugar, Cacao Nibs, etc
  • Spices: any or a few of the following ground spices are delicious in chocolate. Cardamom, Cinnamon, Ginger, Cayenne, Nutmeg, Pumpkin Pie Spice, All Spice
  • Wash and dry all fruit. If you are using any large fruit (apples, bananas) be sure to cut them into bite sized pieces. Have toppings handy in small bowls. In a medium sauce pan bring 1 inch of water to a rolling boil.
  • Put desired amount of chocolate in a heat safe metal bowl. This bowl is going to nest inside the saucepan, be sure the bottom of the bowl does not touch the water inside. Reduce heat to a simmer and put chocolate nesting bowl on top of the saucepan. Chocolate will gradually melt. Stir with a spatula and add stevia or any spices. Leave chocolate over simmering water bath while you dip fruit so it does not harden. Pierce berries and other fruits onto skewers, dip in chocolate. If the pieces of fruit are large enough you can gently dip holding with your fingers. Roll in toppings.
  • Notes
  • Use your favorite chocolate to melt. Some melt better than others. You need to experiment. I love unsweetened dark 99% cacao and I sweeten it to taste with stevia powder or drops.
  • Spice or don't spice, up to you and your taste preference.
  • I like the bain marie (water bath) method to melt chocolate. This is the most gentle way to melt it. If you prefer the microwave you can do that too.

 My favorite : Chocolate covered Strawberries 
Give a dozen of some sweet strawberries dipped in decadent dark, milk 
or white chocolate and accented with pastel swizzles or sprinkles.

  • 4 Berries Dipped in Milk with Pink Swizzles
  • 4 Berries Dipped in Dark with Lavender Swizzles
  • 4 Berries Dipped in White with Pink Shimmer Sprinkles

  •                         I like this cute Mother's Day idea from Pinterest.

                                             Flower pot cupcakes!
    Would make a lovely Mother's day gift or Brunch dessert .

    Here is how to make them :

    This year I wanted to get my mom  something special  so when she looks at her Mother's day gift it will always remind her of me giving it to her on Mother's Day so I thought of things she likes : 
    1. Cats 
     2.Wind Chimes 
    3. Shower & Bath body wash 


                                       I thought about getting my mom  a real kitty .....

                                                 Since I can't get my mom the real thing.....
                                         I went to Pier 1-I found some great Cat stuff...
                                                     (Great place to go for gift ideas)
                        Show some love and appreciation  for your mom on Mother's Day 
                                                            & every day after that !


            Dangling Cat Bamboo Wind Chime

    Hel-l-o-o, kitty. If you've got room to swing a cat, you've got room for this awesome wind chime. Handcrafted of wood, bamboo and coconut bark. Guaranteed not to shred the sofa. 

                              Chubby Cat Mug

    Coffee with the cat. As long as she promises to keep your coffee warm and flavorful and her paws to herself.

                      Chubby Cat Photoholders

                                                                  Cute photoholders.
     Great way to display A photo of the New great granddaughter  ON THE WAY!

                         Bath /Shower Wash

    Perlier 1 Liter Honey and Holiday Spice Honeycomb Shower and Bath Gel

     One of my favorite Bath & Body products  from Perlier - made from Italy all natural -Prince Scipone and Princess Amanda Borghese present high-end, luxurious bath and body products with Italian Beauty.

                            (My mom is full blooded Italian so I'm sure she will love this!)

                         My Mother in -Law gift

                                                                        ( The Pati Doll )

    My mother in -law , Carol, is a doll collector so if I was a doll, this doll,  is what I thought I would look like. This is a Dollie & Me Brunette Doll. When I first saw her I just knew this would make a great Mother's day gift for my mother in-law  so every time my mother in-law looks at her  she would think of me. This is my style for fashion with her dressed in a polka-dot dress and coordinating jacket & red tights with a pair of black UGGS completes the stylish ensemble. 

                                   I hope my mother in-law enjoys her company- Pati Doll !
                                                     & has a Great Mother's Day!
                                                 I will also remember my Grandma too!

                      I hope my mom enjoys her gifts and I wish her a Great Mother's Day!

                    Love, xoxo


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    2. wow these are so cute you have a gift card and Gift Card envelopes that is design special for mother's day.