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Monday Meals

I started off Monday morning waking up still a little sore from my boot camp class on Saturday. I had bought a pineapple over the weekend because I did some research that pineapples are a good post workout snack because of the bromelain which is found in pineapple offers anti-inflammatory properties to reduce inflammation and swelling. 
Bromelain can also help prevent blood clots.(Good to know)

Bromelain is one of the most popular supplements in European countries such as Germany, where it is commonly used for sinus pain reducing general sinus infection swelling. . There are several studies that suggest bromelain may help reduce coughing and lessen mucus related to sinusitis, as well as reduce the swelling and inflammation that goes with hay fever.

Pineapple is one of the healthiest fruits that one can eat. The health benefits which are associated with pineapple are just some of the great reasons to indulge in this delicious fruit!

 One of the main health benefits of pineapple is that it is a good source of vitamins and nutrients. Vitamin C, calcium and potassium can all be derived from pineapple and this fruit is also a very good source of fiber, which is thought to be beneficial for weight loss and helps individuals maintain a regular digestive system. Due to its manganese, pineapple can be an ideal fruit to eat if you are at risk for osteoporosis. By eating pineapple, you will be able to help strengthen your bones. Since pineapple is very low in calories, it can make a great addition to a low calorie diet. Anyone who is trying to lose weight may be able to benefit from eating pineapple. Eating pineapple in combination with other healthy fruits and vegetables, whole grains and lean meats can help you lose weight.

I prepared my pineapple bites to include in my Monday Meal -snack. 
                                                        Place the pineapple on its side:

                                       Cut the crown and the stem off of the pineapple.
                                                    We will save the crown to plant . 
                                              More on that later . Set aside for now.

                                              Stand the pineapple up on one end.
                                               Slice the skin off from top to bottom. 

                                  Leave as much flesh as possible remaining on the pineapple.

                                                             Remove the eye spots
                                             (Eye spots are on a diagonal on the pineapple.)
                                                           Cut pineapple into circles.
                           Simply cut the pineapple circle slices in a width suited
                                                 for how big you want your chunks.
                   Cut the pineapple into halves, then quarters for cubes or wedges. 

                        For each quarter, cut off the core that will be on its edge.
                                                   I call this the TIC,TAC,TOE Method.
                                                            (remove core center )
                                               Then store into container & Refrigerate.
Add the pineapple to your recipe or meal.
 It is delicious eaten as it is with nothing added or you can add yogurt 
 or more fruit like I am for my snack.

Monday 1st Snack-prepared and packed.
I added to the pineapple- Kiwi
                                                                & Blueberries
                                                                & watermelon.

                                                               1st meal-Breakfast
                                                             Protein Shake

•              1/2  banana
•             4-5 ice cubes
•             1-8oz water
•             1/2 teaspoon Psyllium whole husk(Fiber)
•             1/2 scoop Life's Basics Plant Protein(Unsweetened Vanilla)
•             1 scoop Amino Restore Rx(Chocolate)

 Life's Basics Plant Protein Unsweetened provides a complete range of amino acids (complete protein) by combining pea protein isolates, organic Manitoba Harvest hemp protein powder, concentrated rice protein and chia seed powder. This unique vegan combination is rich in energy super food sources of amino acids, essential fatty acids and fiber. Life's Basics Plant Protein is great as an energy boosting protein source for everyday use! )

Amino Restore Rx provides essential amino acids and nutrients needed by the body. Amino acids are important for metabolic pathways and neurotransmitter production. Amino acids are not only important for the brain but are needed for gut and muscle health particularly during times of stress. Amino acids may also promote a sense of well-being and improve mood while supporting hormone functioning. Amino Restore Rx™ provides vitamins, minerals and nutrients necessary for healthy energy levels and optimum health. Amino Restore™ derives its source of protein from peas and it does not contain dairy. It is suitable for vegetarians and those who cannot tolerate diary products or like myself who can not take soy or whey protein. 

                                          Mix all ingredients in Blender & Enjoy!

                  I love my Mr Coffee -Frappuccino Maker. Great for shakes too!


Of the many supplements I do take these are the main 4 that I take with my Protein shake.
1.Herbalife Cell-u-loss:
Key Benefits-contains the following key ingredients: Corn silk, Dandelion, Parsley, Asparagus
  • Supports the appearance of healthy skin.
  • Supports your body’s natural detoxification through the kidneys, and healthy activity of the urinary tract.
  • Supports healthy elimination of water.
  • Helps maintain electrolyte balance and a healthy pH level.
2.Herbalife Formula 3 Cell Activator:
Key Benefits
  • Supports the assimilation and absorption of essential nutrients.
  • Enhances overall vitality and well-being.
  • Optimizes cellular energy production.
 3. Calcium Pyruvate:
(Calcium pyruvate is a natural substance made in our bodies that contributes to metabolism and the digestion of carbohydrates.)

Key Benefits
  • Can help with weight and/or fat loss.
  • Antioxidant activity for antiaging, lower blood pressure and cholesterol.
  • Increased glyogen storage and utilization, increased muscle building and retention, increased resting metabolic rate and higher fatty acid utilization.
 4. Taylor MD Seren Calm Rx:
Key Benefits
  • Calms the adrenal gland and other body systems during periods of high stress.
  • Contains L-theanine, found in green tea, which may promote relaxation and calmness while easing tension.
  • Contains Phosphorylated serine which may aid the brain's response to stress and promote mental calmness, relaxation and sleep while calming hyperactive adrenal gland functioning. 
                               Now to pack the rest of my Monday meal-Water !!!!!!!

                                      I drink a 8 oz glass of Hebalife Aloe water daily. 

Herbal Aloe Concentrate-Mango :(Great Taste)
made from the aloe plant which contains natural enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that help support healthy digestion. 
Key Benefits
  • Relieves occasional indigestion
  • Improves nutrient absorption
  • Enhances intestinal health
  • Contains antioxidants

                                                    I make 2 quarts to have on hand.
I pour the aloe water  in the 8 oz water bottle that I used to make my shake.
                                                            Ready to take with me.
                                                 Today's  packed lunch & snack items.
                                                                    (Clean Eating)
                                                           Rule: Eat every 3 hours.

  1.  Garden salad with grilled chicken and sprinkle of seaweed with low calorie Italian spray.
  2. Handful of Raw Almonds.
  3. 100 calorie Cliff bar.
  4. 50 calorie low-fat string cheese.  
  5. Coconut water.
  6. Pineapple & mixed fruit.
  7. Ice pack

                                                                Everyone in .....

                                                           Ice to keep all cold.

                                                      My Rachael Ray Lunch tote. 
                               (My husband bought this for me for x-mas -Perfect size.)
                                      Now ready to start my day ....Oh yeah forgot ...
                                              I quickly planted my pineapple tree!

                                                                          Dig a hole.
                                                            I put water in the soil.

                                                 then I place the pineapple in the hole.
                                                   Make sure it is standing upright.
                                                                     Cover with soil.
                                                                All around the Pineapple.

                                                                 Pack down the soil.
                                                       Until it is almost swimming.
                                                                        Water daily.

                                                            Pineapple Growth.
                                                 I'm excited to watch mine grow.
For Dinner I normally have to stop at the Grocery store for something to grab , however for tonight's meal my husband just threw together leftovers.
                                          Stir fry - Filet Mignon, peppers & mushrooms. 

                                             No rice for me -avoiding carbs.

                            I  was admiring my Mother's day flowers -Still alive .....
                                                        Tea Time!

                          while I made my tea & black tea combined.
                                             (Double up on the Antioxidants)

                                     Pure Almond milk only 35 calories for 8 oz glass 
                                                      so I opt to use this as a creamer.
                                                             Stevia -Sweetener of choice.
                                                                       Tea is ready!
                                                    Time to relax & enjoy dinner.
                                                           A few facts on tea:
(There are 4 main tea varieties: black, oolong, green and white)
The many health benefits of tea include its potential to fight cancer and heart disease, lower “bad” (LDL) cholesterol, burn fat, prevent diabetes and stroke and even ward off dementia.   
Polyphenol antioxidants present in tea leaves are believed to be the key health-promoting ingredient.  These antioxidants scavenge for free radicals in the body. Free radicals can damage DNA and contribute to cancer.

For weight loss:
Matcha Green Tea-1 cup of matcha green tea has 137 times the amount of antioxidant EGCG compared to a conventional cup of green tea.
Oolong Tea-contain catechins. Unlike green tea, oolong tea is partially fermented, which increases the concentration of its polyphenol antioxidants.

Polyphenols present in oolong tea help block fat-building enzymes, which prevent the formation of triglycerides. Research has shown that drinking oolong tea throughout the day will raise your metabolism for 2 hours after every cup and increases the caloric burn in your body by 100 calories per day.


                 To rev up my metabolism I add Sriracha Chili Sauce to my stir fry.
                                                                       So Yummy!                                                                      


                                I enjoyed my Monday Meal Planning of Clean Eating !

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