Friday, May 25, 2012

Phoenix Rocks!

                             Phoenix rocks !
                     (My Husband, Rick, is the lead Guitar player)

                     Last Night I  went to see the band Phoenix  
                           perform at the Ultra Push Lounge in St. Petersburg.  

Click on the links below to check out the band Phoenix  :

Eileen Humphreys - Lead Vocals
Rick Clark - Guitar
Rob Duarte - Bass
Chris Krause - Drums
Tom Gaskins - Keyboards
Sheri Krause- Back up Vocals

              Eileen, the singer, has so much talent, when I watch her perform

                                                  I'm in a total  WOW moment. 

                                                                 Piece of Art

                          (Amps, Guitars, Drum sets,Keyboards, &  Microphone)

                                Ok... you know I have a thing for guitar players ....


                                      I think I'll take this one home with me ......

                                        I think Rick likes that idea ! I got a Big smile !

                                                          Me & my "Rocker"

                                         My husband's Favorite words!                                                         

                                        I rule &  Rick Rocks!

Phoenix-Performing Journey -Don't Stop Believin'!

             Here are a few pics of the Evening, Had a great night out with the Band ! 

                                                                Sheri likes my shoes ...

                                                        Eileen & her hubby, Gary
                                                            The girls are CHILLIN....
                                                             Literally it was cold!

                                             My friend Larry stopped by with his date....
                                                (Nice gal-from Oregon-shes a keeper)
                                                       Larry works with me @ AMI
                                        (He has been my sales partner in crime for years !)
                                             Chris Krause-my favorite Drummer......


                                    " Tom Don't do it !!!!! "  shouts Sheri....
                                            While the other cats shoot the breeze.....
                                                                   Gotta love Steel.....
                                                    Pretty cool place to hang out!

                                                                  Goofy Moments !
             (Warning! This is what happens when you drink Vodka on the rocks)
                                                                  I'm a Big girl Now!
                                               I can handle my Boobs, I mean BOOZE.....

                                                                          Sheri agrees.........
                                                                 The Wrestlers......Rob
                                                                          & Rick
               We're Phoenix Good Night !


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