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Girlfriend Getaway-Orlando !

July 13-15
                                     My good friend Ellie planned a Girls weekend for us 
                                        at the Dolphin resort & Epcot in Orlando.

                        Friday after work  I met up with Ellie and on our way we went ....
                                                                   in Ellie's Hummer 

                            which only took us a hour  to get to our  weekend destination .

                                                        We checked in the resort.

                   The way we both packed you would  think we were staying a month.
                              My mother in-law Carol just bought me a Vera Bradley
                      Mocha -Rouge luggage piece that I was excited to use for my trip.

                                               Ellie is Ready to go explore the resort .
                                  We had a crib in our room which we both didn't hesitate
                                                 to have housekeeping  take it away !!!
                                                                Coffee area - Starbucks 
                               We found out that there is no Starbucks on Disney property
                                   so we were both happy that the Dolphin resort provides 
                                       Starbucks coffee so we could make it in our room !
                                                         ( Ellie & I really like coffee!!!)
The Dolphin resort is located right near Epcot  
so we decided to take the scenic route by walking there . 

(A few pics of the Dolphin Resort grounds)

                                      A pic from a distance of the Boardwalk & Epcot.

                                          As you can see we made coffee for the walk !
                                           I had to take a picture of this creepy spider ....
                                                                I hate SPIDERS!!!!!
                                                              We arrived at Epcot !!!
                                                                   Friendships Pic!

We ate dinner in Japan !
(It is our Epcot Ritual to eat in Japan)

                                    Udon soup with Tempura shrimp & Chicken Teriyaki
                           The Chicken wasn't that good I'm picky on how chicken is cooked 
                       so there were ducks hangin around so I gave my chicken to them !
They are so cute I couldn't resist feeding them !
Here I am feeding the ducks !
                                   I'm surprised these ducks didn't gnaw on my legs.
                                        I'm known to being attacked by                      

                                         Nice view  from Japan of Spaceship Earth !!!

We were having fun with some Disney attire.
                                                 At Disney adults are only kids grown up!
                                            As you can see we both are proudly wearing
                                                          our Disney pin collections!

                                               We went to the Police Tribute concert .

                                             He seriously sounded just like "STING"
                                                             We enjoyed a few songs .
                                                         Some of our favorite tunes :
                                                             Every breath You take 
                                                                Message in a bottle 
                                                           We walked around Epcot .

We started to get thirsty  & Ellie was in the mood for 
Margaritas so off to Mexico we go.....
                     We had a combination of Lime, Strawberry,  & Mango Margarita !!!!

                                                        We did some Hat shopping .
                                                     Ellie ended up buying this one !
                                                             Goofy Baseball Hat .
            (My favorite Disney Character Goofy  -I wonder why .....hmmmm?)
                                                                All the Princesses....
                                                         We watched the fireworks

                                             then headed by boat to the Boardwalk!
The Boardwalk .
                                            We did some more Boardwalk shopping .
                                    Cat Cora Restaurant  -Food Network Iron Chef 
               ( of course I had to take a picture of that -Big fan of the Food Network)
Then we ended up at the Candy store !

                                            Then we decided to  hit the night clubs.

                               We had a few more drinks and Ellie was ready to DANCE........

                                                                            Pati !
                                  Notice I'm wearing tennis shoes because I have shin splints 
                                                           & Ellie is dancing barefoot.
They were Playing Journey -Steve Perry !!!!
                                                            Gotta dance to that !!!!

Ellie was like Dancing with the Stars !!!!
 She had the whole club cheering her on !!!!!

                      It was getting close to 2 AM & we were hungry again 
                                           so we headed back to the resort.

                                                             Todd English Restaurant
                       (Another Famous Chef I follow&  I own his Green Pan cookware)

                                   They were closed. I would of loved to sample his menu.

                                    So we ate at Picabu Buffeteria and had a sandwich.

                                             Ellie imitating the art deco on the wall .

                                                            Nice Decor at the resort !
Shooting star on the ceiling.
When you wish upon a star
Makes no difference who you are
Anything your heart desires
Will come to you

If your heart is in your dream
No request is too extreme
When you wish upon a star
As dreamers do

Fate is kind
She brings to those who love
The sweet fulfillment of
Their secret longing

Like a bolt out of the blue
Fate steps in and sees you through
When you wish upon a star
Your dreams come true

Fate is kind
She brings to those who love
The sweet fulfillment of
Their secret longing

Like a bolt out of the blue
Fate steps in and sees you through
When you wish upon a star
Your dreams come true!

*Note: Fast forward to see Jiminy Cricket sing .

I made my wish ....Hope it comes true !!!!

Pretty Floral Display.


                                                                     Stylish Lights!
                                                           The Dolphin Fountain!


                                   We had a great Friday Night & off to bed we went.

Rise and shine !!!!!
The next morning our feet were killing us - we even soaked our feet  in the hot tub last night  too, so Ellie made the bath tub like a spa treatment for our feet while we enjoyed our coffee!
Ellie had blisters on her feet ....Barefoot dancin will do that to ya.

Well  at least this gave us a chance to enjoy our coffee & 
to catch up on girl talk .... lol!

                                       Now we were ready to hit the pool & relax !!!!!

                                                              Pic of the Swan resort .


                                                                     The Dolphin Statue.
                                                                       Great Pool !

                                                                          Rum &
                                                             50 Shades of Grey!!!!

                                                   Ellie enjoying her Rum & Diet coke
                                                    & she is already on the 3rd book !

                               We decided to read & drink under the cave & waterfall.

                                                                 Now for some sun .....
Love the waterfall!!!!

                                                                   So refreshing !

                                                                    Lunch Poolside!

                                                                   Jacuzzi Time !

                                                           Sore muscles -No more !!!!
                                                                   Ahhhh Moment !

                                                  Ellie got a Rum buzz on -Hula hoopin !!!

She got better at it as when all the kids join in on the action !
Ellie headed to the room for a well needed nap !

                                   As for me I checked out the swan boats however, 
                                   I didn't want to look stupid with me solo riding
                                        on a Swan so I passed on the paddle boats.

                                                                        More Ducks !

                     I  called my husband, Rick, while I chilled out on the hammock.

                                                         Nice day to nap in the sun !

The Mandara Spa in the Dolphin Resort 

                                                            The Galleriá Sottil
While Ellie was napping I stopped in the art gallery at the Dolphin Resort  featuring exquisite original paintings and sculptures by noted artist Luis Sottil, as well as several other world-renowned artists.  

                                                      I liked this one of the Giraffes

                               We then got ready to go to Epcot for another evening of fun.
                                                          Ellie is now Refreshed !

                                     Wanted to see if I could find more Goofy pins . 
                                           He is so discriminated at Disney. Lol !

                                              We walked around and ended up
                in the United Kingdom Pavilion which  is a cultural area in Epcot.

                                                  We  strolled down cobble-stone streets 
                                among old-world British architecture and gardens. 
           I love gardening reminds me of my grandmother she would always have 
                                   something growing from flowers to herbs, & vegetables 
                                             which my sister follows in her footsteps
                   -me not so much I don't have much of a green thumb but I try !

                                                 Herb Garden of Basil & Rosemary .


                                               There is always a Rabbit in a Garden.

                                         Then we ventured into a short hedge maze.
                                  Ellie with her coffee! I told you we really like our coffee!
 Tea time !
One of my favorite tea brands- Twinings Tea.

                                                I had to go in this store I also love tea!
                              I always have a variety of teas at home from chai, green,
                                                chamomile, white, oolong & black tea .
                              I'm always stocked up on Twinings  English Breakfast tea .
                                                                  English Jewels .
                                            My mom would love this tea kettle of Cats !
                                 At  my house I have my grandmother's Tea Kettle China 
                                                    set on display in my China closet  .
                           I would love to have a tea collection with  tea kettles , saucers,
                                          & cups  , however my husband would kill me 
                           if I brought any home since I have about 3 sets already
                                                   Alice in Wonderland Tea Party !                
           Love the cast iron cookware which I do own a mini cast iron tea kettle. 
                    I also collect Russel Wright Vintage antique aluminum dinnerware
                    pieces  that looks like what is on display on the fireplace mantel.

                                         We decided to eat dinner in Paris, France .
                          They say it is the  best spot to watch the firework show !

                                                        Replica of the Eiffel Tower.
                                  We didn't have a big appetite since we had a big lunch.
                                        We were in the mood for French Bread & Cheese .
                                                                      We ate at the .....
                                                               Boulangerie Patisserie 
They have a few savory items, such as those delicious cheese plates, quiche, rustic ham and cheese tartine, baguettes with jambon (ham) and
                                      fromage (cheese), and cheese-filled croissants.

                                               Cheese Plate -Brie was my favorite.
                                                     All the pastries looked yummy !
                                      So tempting but I passed on the Chocolate croissants.
                                                                     Fleur De Li
                           I also collect anything from jewelry to clothing with Fleur De Li.

                                       We ate inside and the fireworks were about to start 
                                              so we finished our dinner by the fountain.
                                                    Perfect spot to watch the fireworks.

                               Reflection of Earth  
We had a few trees in our view still fantastic firework show !
                                             We had an awesome time at Epcot
                                       especially eating, drinking & shopping ! 

                                                                         Lights Out !

                                                              Back to the resort !


Thanks Ellie !!!!
I had an awesome time !
It was a long time since we did a Girl's  weekend -Way overdue!

                            Now time to pack-Why did I bring so many clothes !
                         I had a nice Girl's Weekend Getaway in Orlando, 
                  Looking forward to doing this  again with my good friend , Ellie !

Of course we hit the Outlets on the way home !
We had to go to the Disney Store !

Thanks Again Ellie !
I had soooo much fun !

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