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Happy 23rd Anniversary !

                                                          Happy 23rd  Anniversary!

                                                                     July 28,1989

                     Wow how times flies ...  Rick & I got married 23 years ago. 
                                                  A few pics of that special day !

                                                            Our Wedding Itinerary  
                                                               Hugs from my son , Ricky!
                                                                    (My favorite pics )
My sister, Renee -Matron of Honor
                                                        My handsome husband , Rick !
                               We were going to go away for the weekend to celebrate,
                                    however it wasn't in our favor to go at this time,
                           so we will plan a romantic  getaway at the end of the summer .

                                                       A few gifts & cards will do !!!

My cards that I gave to my husband a funny one and a lovey dovey one from the heart ! 

My husband Rick always picks the Best cards ! 


                                                  I laughed because it is sooo true ....
                                        when my husband and I go to the beach for a walk 
                                                we can never find where we parked .....

                                 My husband planned for us a nice romantic dinner
                                                          & dancing into the night ....

                                        The dress I picked out to wear for this special occasion.
                                                                 The Sexy shoes !!!!!
                                                                  Love is  Harmony
If you perceive ever continuously in Love,
then Harmony is begotten.

Harmony releases the mind and puts
the mind at peace.
Dinner at Charley's

 Charley's features only Midwest grain-fed USDA Prime & Choice beef, age on-site for 4 to 6 weeks, and have management cut meat daily and season for 30 hours to create distinctive flavor. The steak is then flame-grilled over a 1200-degree open pit, fueled with a combination of oak & Florida citrus wood. This carefully monitored process provides for quality, tenderness and a tantalizing taste that elevates Charley’s to the ultimate steakhouse experience.

                                                 Rick's mouth is watering  & a big smile
                                                   he is going for a big steak for sure...
                                                                    Can't  wait to order !
                                     I had some diet restrictions with no dairy & no gluten .
                                               I did pretty good with ordering my meal .
                                                                     The Happy Couple .....
                                                             Yes we are getting older -
                                                I had to pull out the reading glasses.
                                                         Rick says glasses are a turn on ....
                                                         ok what ever works I'm game!!!
                                                                  But after I eat !!!  LOL
                                                        Rick looks wiser in the glasses  ......
                                This is what we been waiting  & craving for .....
                                                    Cantaloupe Martini's - So Yummy !!!!

                                                              Cheers to 23 years !!!!!
                                                                     I'll drink to that !!!
                                                   Appetizer of Pan-Fried Calamari
& Seared Tuna  Sashimi

                                                             I'm enjoying every bite !
                                                              For our main course 
                                                        I went with the pork-chop.

                                          As you can see I almost ate the whole chop....
My husband chose the 20 oz. Fabulous Filet Mignon

                                                              Cooked perfectly !!!

                                                          Rick is enjoying every  bite ....
                                                   he should at $65.00 for his meal ....
                                        it was yummy I had a few bites myself too !
                                          The Clarks enjoyed a nice Anniversary dinner !

                                                                         at Charley's !
                                          Our friend's band was playing at a night club
                                           so off we went for more drinks & dancing !

                                                                 Mark Anthony Band

                                                          I'm dancing the night away ....

                                                       Rick is playing with the band !!!

 A few songs!!!

                                                                    My dance partner !!!

                                              This guy has way more energy than me ....
                                                   We called him Mr. Viagra(Dom)
                                             We wanted to know what the heck he takes
                                                this guy does not stop dancing .......

                                                      Our friends -Kristina & Mark

                                                                      Good Times !

                                                                     More drinks !

                                                            I had a wonderful Anniversary !
                                                        My husband made it special!

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