Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Star Spangled Rock-Phoenix!

                                           Star Spangled Rock

                     Click link below to view video of my husband, Rick, 
                                  rocking it out for the 4th of July! 

                                             My husband's band -Phoenix performed 
                                   at Jimmy's B's Beach Bar on St. Pete Beach... 
                                                Tom-Keyboards/Sheri -Back up singer
                                                             Rick- Lead Guitarist
                                                                    Chris -Drummer
                                                             Phoenix-Crazy Bitches !
                                                                   Rob -Bass Player
                                                          Eileen -she is so Amazing !!!
                                  It was a nice night with a Full moon to light the skies ....
                                                   Rick was showering -it was hot too!!!!
                                                  Chinese  sky lanterns are airborne!!!!!


                                     A few Rock out the 4th pics of my husband & I

                                              Fun Night !!!!! Phoenix sparkled the 4th !


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