Sunday, July 1, 2012

Our Pet Egret-Charlie

                                                      Our Pet Great Egret: Charlie

                                                                       Meal time  !

Great Egret: Large, white heron with yellow eyes. Bill is yellow, may appear orange when breeding. Black legs and feet & S-shaped neck. Long feather plumes extend from the back to beyond the tail during breeding season. ) Bouyant direct flight on steady wing beats. 
Feeds on fish, frogs, insects, snakes and crayfish.
(And whatever I feed him-today's meal - crab meat)

The great egret is the symbol of the National Audubon Society and represents a conservation success story. The snowy white bird's beautiful plumage made it far too popular in 19th-century North America. Great egrets were decimated by plume hunters who supplied purveyors of the latest ladies' fashions, their aigrette feathers were worth $30 an ounce-twice the price of gold at the turn of the ccentury. Their populations plunged by some 95 percent.  Today the outlook is much brighter. The birds have enjoyed legal protection over the last century, and their numbers have increased substantially.

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