Tuesday, August 27, 2013

✻ღღ✻Florida Botanical Gardens✻ღღ✻

                                               ✻ღღ✻Florida Botanical Gardens✻ღღ
This blog post is for my sister, Renee
ღღ She loves the Florida Botanical Gardensღღ
However she lives up north
  This way she can have a view of the Gardens

       My Bike tour through the Florida Botanical Gardens.
Before Fall season approaches...
  I wanted to capture some photos of the beauty of Summer with all the flowers and plants.
Enjoy the MANY pictures !!!

This flower is called the Fragipani.
I took this photo because....
 The Color of the flower is one of my favorites !!! 
Biking Along....
I come to the Woodsy Area...
Creepy Man's face in Tree.
                                                    A Squirrel in a tree.
                         "Lil" Wooden Seat 
                        made from a tree log.
                            A Lotus Pond.
The Great Egret.
                         Adirondack Chairs.
                       I love these chairs ...
                            Rest time ...
Butterflies Love the garden!
                     Entering the Wedding Garden.
            I may say a very Enchanting Garden at that!

          Woodsy vines run all through 
this garden of LOVE!!!

 It was a very Hot day ....
Here I sit in some shade...

                              My bike....

                                                 A sculpted vineyard gate.
ღღ  My Heart Shall Be Thy Garden ღღ

The Wedding Chapel.
Beautiful Mosaic tiles. 
                                                  Entering the Topiary Garden.
(The God of Desire, Erotic Love, Attraction and Affection)
ღღ A Big Heart ღღ 
The many Roses !!!!

My Favorite is the Cherry Parfait .
 Julia Child.

China Doll.
Don Juan.

Hybrid Tea Roses...
Alex's Red. 
Pope John Paul II.
Now entering the Tropical Courtyard.
I'm taking a relaxing stroll through
 the shaded tropical walkway. 
Admiring along the way ....the  beautiful displays 
of flowers of every color of the rainbow.
A few of my favorites:
Tahitian Arturus 

Hula Girl.

Miniature Holly.
So Tiny...

Ruth Wilcox
This flower is named after a character in the novel
 "Howards End"
By E.M.Forster.

There are tranquil waterfalls & fountains
 all through the gardens....

Entering the Palm gardens. 
A variety of Palm trees.
Tall displays of bamboo
a broad palette of plants , 
colorful foliage & "Air Plants"  

                                                               Mr.Gator Display ...

                                                                 The Polka Dot Plant.

                                                              The Heliconia Plant.
                                                       Platycerium veitchii Plant.

 Another rest sitting
 in a rocking chair
 in the Courtyard Gazebo.
                                                             Back on the trails ....
  Adirondack Chairs....


 Riding on a Wooded Bridge.
   Oh no...I'm in trouble...!!!!  
Gotta love Florida Weather....
                                                           "Storm approaching" 

Time to head home... 

I'm very Lucky ...
A nice, handsome man gave me a ride home!!!
It was raining so bad and I was afraid to get struck by lightning ...
so my husband  picked me up !!!!
Thank Goodness !!! 
I enjoyed my stroll through the Florida Botanical Gardens ღღ
I will be back in the Fall for another seasonal view !!!!

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