Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Gluten- Free Global Community

I am happy to announce...
 My "Pati's Recipes"blog is now a part of 
“The Gluten-Free Global Community” !!!

Click links below to view ...
Simply Gluten-Free ...
Pati's Recipes ...

Thanks to the Chief Editor of Simply Gluten- Free Magazine ,
 Blogger, & TV Chef
Carol Kicinski
Recipes by Carol Kicinski
The e-mail message that I received letting me know my blog has been accepted ...

Hi Pati,

Welcome to the Gluten Free Global Community!
It's all done, your information has been published.

Carol Kicinski

Editor in Chief

  What a great way for the community to be involved 
with other bloggers who share their stories & recipes
 on living a  gluten -free lifestyle !!! 
I enjoy reading other  blogs that also share information
 on gluten tolerances for more reasons 
other than just  having Celiac disease !!!  
I look forward to exploring 
“The Gluten-Free Global Community” 

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