Sunday, November 4, 2012

A Trip to the Herb Garden!

                                                           Our trip to the Herb Garden
                                              My garden is in full bloom of herbs .....
Italian Oregano

                                                                    Italian Parsley
                                                        We now have cherry tomatoes .....

                                                         & Peppers are still growing....
                        My husband & I wanted to see what other kinds of herbs
 we can grow so we decided to take a trip to our local community herb garden .
                                                            Florida Botanical Gardens

                                            My husband , Rick, entering the herb garden.
                                                  This intimate garden delights is filled 
                                          with medicinal, culinary and ceremonial plants.


                                           We are entering the medicinal herbs section.
                                    These leaves actually smelled like "Vicks" vapor rub.
                                                                            Aloe Vera.
                                            Stevia -all natural herbal sweetner that I use.

                                                         My husband exploring the garden.
                                          Of course we had to pick and smell the herbs.
                                                 The Mexican Tarragon aroma was so intense ...
                                                  May want to add this herb to my garden.

                                     My husband checking to see if it smells like cinnamon.....
                                                  Lavender...ahhh Calm sense of smell.
                                                  Gotta have a Bird Bath in a garden ....

                                                            We picked some Marjoram 
                                    for our Marinara Sauce we are gonna make for dinner.
                                (My grandma always used this herb it her Sunday gravy)

                                                   My husband still sniffing away
                                                                     Kaffir Limes
                                                                   My next project...
                                              I think I want to grow Limes & Lemons.           

                                                        Rick picked some mint for me 
                                                     to bring home to steep in some tea.
                                                            Apple mint was my favorite.

                                               We are now entering the fruit plants ....


                                                                          Tree area.

Bamboo trees.

                                              My husband enjoyed our trip to the garden.....
                                                            Rick's herbs he brought home.
                           (Smiling because he also took some lime for his evening beer)
                            We are going to attack our Herb Garden when we get home 
                              to make our Sunday Marinara Sauce ....Blog to follow :)

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