Sunday, November 11, 2012

Get out & Ride !

                                                            Get out &  Ride your bike !

                                           Today was a beautiful day to be outdoors. 
                                          My husband & I both  love to ride bikes
                                                     & we love the outdoors!
                                          One way to get our exercise in ....Just Ride!!!!!!
                                First I had to feed "Charlie" our neighborhood Egret.

My mother & sister always ask if  Charlie still comes around 
so Here you go .....
A snack for Charlie !

                                                           Ready for a Bike ride !

      My husband at the REDBOX picking out a movie to watch later tonight .
                                                 I promise you it won't be a "Girl's Flick"

                                                        Of course I'm trailing behind ......

We like taking a  scenic route through the park.

                                                   We stopped to feed the birds.

                                                      Left over Bread for Bird feeding !

                                                                  Alot of BIRDS!!!!!!!

                                                             HERE BIRDY BIRDY .....

                                         Ok enough of a bird break back on the trail we go .....
                                                  My husband , Rick ...down he goes........

                                               My turn.....Weeee....Weeee.... Yikes!!!!!
                                                    Now we are headed to Park # 2
                                            Again I'm trailing behind my husband! 
                                           Which he makes sure he gives me a workout !

                                         Ok I caught up with him just in time to snap a pic!
                                        whew~ without falling...I'm known to be a klutz.....
                                                                     Ran into this lil fella
                                                                 Nice Fall weather .

                                    Mr Possum came out of the woodwork to say Hello!
                  Lets keep moving ...Possums are known to attack not so friendly.
                                          With the time change ...its getting darker sooner ......

                                          We didn't see any Gators this time around .....
                                                       We stopped to look at the Duck!
                                        What a nice Bike ride today with my husband !
                                                   Next time we will start off a lil earlier
                                           in the afternoon so we are not riding in the dark.

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