Sunday, November 25, 2012

Curious Pati Makes Pancakes

                                                       Curious Pati Makes Pancakes .....
                                   (HaHa ~You know me I like monkeying around ...LOL)
                                   Gluten/Dairy -Free Chocolate chip & Banana Pancakes
                                       Remember reading this book as a child 
                                                 reading it to your children  ????
      My curiosity got the best of me this morning with craving pancakes ....
                                 I was up to the challenge  to see if I can 
                               make gluten/dairy -free pancakes taste good !


                                          I pealed 2 bananas and placed them in a blender
                                             with 1 cup of Gluten -free pancake mix
                                                                       1-1/2 cup scoop
                                                                  1 more -1/2 cup  scoop
                                               I buy my honey locally reason being......
                             I read that  local honey will cure your seasonal allergies.
                                              Plus you  support your local beekeeper!
                                                                  Food for thought ....
 That most honey that you buy from the store is imported from China even if it labeled differently.The Chinese honey is diluted with corn syrup or sugar water plus MORE worrisome is  the likelihood of contamination by antibiotics or pesticides. In the late 1990's, a bacterial disease spread throughout China's bee hives. Rather than destroy the infected hives as recommended, Chinese beekeepers opted to treat them with chloramphenicol, a cheap but powerful antibiotic. Chloramphenicol is not approved for such use in the U.S., Canada, or in most of Europe. Two other antibiotics - iprofloxacin and Enrofloxacin - 
                                have also been identified in honey traced to China.
                                                        The lesson learned today .....
                                                 BUY YOUR HONEY LOCAL....

                                                              Ok back to the recipe .....
                                                            Add 1 tablespoon of honey

                              You will need 1 tablespoon of oil I am using coconut oil 
                                              due to the health benefits so where ever 
                                              I can add it to my diet the better!!!!

                                            Top 10 Health benefits of Coconut Oil 

  1. Improves Your Skin
  2. Helps You Lose Weight

  3. Stress Relief

  4. Makes Your Hair Grow and Repairs Damage

  5. Anti-Aging Properties

  6. Improves Healing and Fights Infections                                                                                                            (My main reason for using Coconut oil to heal Hypothyroidism)

  7. Improves Digestion

  8. Gives you Energy

  9. Prevents Disease

  10. Great for the Heart

                                          Ok that was the Health tip of the Day
                                                               Back to recipe .....

                                         Melt coconut oil in microwave or over stove top .
                                      No dairy in this recipe so I'm using Almond milk
                                                              Add  1 Tablespoon

                                               & 1/4 cup of almond milk to the pancake
                                                             mixture  in the blender

                                       Then add the melted coconut oil -1 Tablespoon
                                               to the pancake mixture  in the blender

                                                Mix until pancake batter is well combined

                                                                     Blending away .....

                                        This is the right consistency that I'm looking for .....

                                     Next you want to stir in your chocolate chips ...
                                                 Again no dairy in this recipe
                           so I am using Enjoy Life mini chips no dairy, soy or nut ...
                 They are made out of Evaporated Cane Juice, Chocolate Liquor,
                                                        Non-Dairy Cocoa Butter.

                                             I always have these on hand in my pantry ...
                                          I like snacking on them when I crave chocolate!

                                                          In the blender they go....................
                                                        I added 2 handfuls  of chips...
                                                   I take my ladle and stir the chips
                                                         into the pancake batter.

                                              I used the xtra coconut oil to greased the skillet 
                                                           so the pancakes don't stick

                                                   I use 1 ladle of batter per pancake
                                      however you can make them as big as you like ....

                Not  perfectly round however I prefer to use a griddle verses a skillet ...
                                                (On my Santa's list for Christmas! )
                      I top the pancakes with Earth Balance Non dairy/soy butter spread 
                        & Joseph's sugar free syrup made from all natural maple flavor.

                                                         Once the  pancake bubbles
                                                             they are ready to flip
                                      This recipe makes  about 8 medium size pancakes

                                                                       2 for me ......
                                     I warm the syrup and drizzle over the pancakes

Breakfast is Ready !

                                                        The curiosity is getting to me ....
                                             Will these be as yummy as they look ??????
                                                                      I'm going in....

                                                      Yep I succeeded ......they are Yummy !

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